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      S511Heating thermostat


      S511 series digital-display heating controller adopted imported microcomputer chip control technology. The thermostat internal and external sensor will detect the temperature and compare with the set value. It can open and close automatically so as to make the room temperature remain stable. The user can set programming of six periods one day or can choose manual mode. It is with double-control which can not only detect the room temperature but also the heating equipment temperature. When the temperature of heating equipment is higher than the set value, the thermostat will stop heating to protect the electric-heating equipment. When the room temperature is lower than the minimum temperature for protection, the electric-heating equipment will work for heating so that the heating equipment can work under appropriate temperature environment and extend the equipment life.


      Controllable equipment: 1. Control for the electrically operated valve of water heating system.

      2. Electric heating control< heating cable<electricity heating

      S511Heating thermostat


      Technical Parameters

      Operating Voltage: AC90-250V 50/60 Hz

      Power consumption: 1W

      Timing error: 1%

      Control range: 5-35℃ (Built in sensor

                35-75℃(External sensor

      Control Precision: ±1

      Load Current: DA:5A  DB:16A  DC:25A

      Overall dimension: 86mm×89mm×14.5mm


      Product feature:

      European Style

      Liquid crystal display

      Blue and white back-light

      Freeze protection

      Week programming, 5+2/6+1/7 days

      Six periods on day, temperature setting, Time setting for open and shutdown

       With sensor temperature control inside and outside. Double-temperature control